Fondé en 1969
Fondé en 1969

Sencor a été fondé au Japon en 1969. Aujourd'hui, SENCOR fournit plus de 1000 types de produits dans six catégories différentes dans plus de 55 pays à travers le monde.

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Conditions de garantie SENCOR

We thank you for purchasing SENCOR Home Appliance.
Sencor Product are manufactured with international quality standards to provide utmost customer satisfaction

FAST-CR_SENCOR_2YRW_logo_EN_FR_100mm_press-1.pngWarranty is limited to the following conditions:
  • Warranty is referred only to the customers goods using for common domestic use.
  • Claim for replacement will be through our Authorized Service Centre...
  • Only clean and products with complete accessories/parts will be accepted.
  • To obtain the replacement under warranty customer we obligated to certify his/her claim with duty completed documents (customer invoice, warranty card).
  • 1st year Replacement warranty.
  • One time replacement during warranty period.

The warranty is void especialy if apply as follows:
  • Defects which were put on sale.
  • Wear-out or damage caused by common use.
  • The product was damaged by unprofessional or wrong installation, used in contrary to the applicable instruction manual, used in contrary to legal enactment and common process of use or used for another purpose which has been designed for.
  • The product was damaged by uncared for an insufficient maintenance.
  • the product was damaged by dirt, accident of force majeure (natural disaster, fire, flood...)
  • Defects on functionality caused by low duality of signal, electromagnetic field interference etc.
  • The product was mechanically damaged (e.g. broken button, fall...)
  • Damage caused by use of unsuitable media, fillings, expendable supplies (batteries) or by unsuitable working condition (e.g. high temperature, humidity, quakes...)
  • Repair modification or other failure action to the product by unauthorized person.
  • End user did not prove enough his right to claim (time and place of purchase).
  • Data on presented documents differ from data on products.
  • Cases when claiming the product cannot identified according to the presented documents (e.g. the serial number or the warranty seal has been damaged).

The use of this product stipulates that you have read and agreed to the warranty instructions.

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